Find out how microbes can make you and the world around you better and healthier.

Microbes are the smallest and most powerful organisms on our planet. We can learn a great deal from them, including information about our health, alternative energy sources and who knows what else.

An era of great revolutionary discoveries in the micro-world is only just beginning. The ARTIS-Micropia experience opens a window into the world of microorganisms. Pupils are taught about the role of microbes in the production of food, dairy products and alcoholic drinks, for example, in a way they can understand. For example, they can use a joystick to select products on a belt and answer questions about them. They also learn how microscopically small organisms can solve major global issues, such as famine, climate change, scarcity of fossil fuels, environmental pollution and the outbreak of disease.


Microbes and your health are inextricably linked. Some species of microbe can make you sick, but most of them are harmless, or even essential to your health. They train your immune system and even help you fight off pathogens. Micropia’s education program shows the impact microbes have on pupils’ health. This teaches the pupils to look at themselves and the world around them differently.



People need nature to live. But people don’t always take good care of nature. Just think about environmental pollution, climate change and the depleting supply of fossil fuels. Micropia’s education program shows the essential role microbes play in our future using the most modern biotechnological developments. This teaches the pupils to look at themselves and the world around them differently.

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